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Custom Landscape Design for Gardens, Backyards and Patios

Landscape Design Services in Raleigh

Landscape design requires the creativity to see every possibility for your Raleigh-area home and the experience to make it happen. The landscape designers at Brookscapes use those qualities and more to transform backyards, gardens, and patios for residents all throughout Raleigh.

Our only priority is giving you the exact outdoor living space you imagine. From the initial consultation to the final walk-through, you will be as involved as you wish in the design of your new landscape.

Your custom landscape design will be as extensive as your vision for it. Call us in Raleigh today to schedule a consultation!

Custom Landscapes from Custom Designers

No two gardens, backyards, or patios are exactly the same; no two landscape designs should be either. The custom landscape designers at Brookscapes have been tested and trained to create unique living spaces for every client. Specifically, this means: personalized designs that cater to your needs and style.

Whether you are looking for elaborate, unconventional hardscaping or a practical and clean garden patio, our custom landscape designers can bring it to life. That process includes the following steps:

  1. Initial Consultation — A landscape designer will meet you at your home to discuss design needs, ideas, and expectations. We will outline rough budgets and learn more about how you plan to use the space.
  2. Concept/Design Sketch — Our landscape designer drafts two different hand-drawn concepts to illustrate different layouts and landscape solutions. As we strive to provide the most thoughtful design solutions, we often find the need to charge design fees with most projects.  Fee structure will be discussed during the initial, no cost consultation.
  3. Client Reviews — Together, we will review the entire project, make changes as needed, and refine the design.
    Finalize the Landscape Design — Using Dynascape design software, we create a scaled CAD drawing of the landscape design, complete with selected landscaping plants and other materials for the garden, backyard, and patio.
  4. Design Approval — The client approves the final design. If you live in a community with a homeowners’ association, we are available to attend HOA meetings on your behalf. We will present the landscape design with all material samples, drawings, and other required information.

No two homes are the same—make yours stand out in the already-beautiful Raleigh area by calling Brookscapes today! To learn more about our landscape design services or for other comments/questions, please complete a short contact form.

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